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Flora of Egypt 1: Thus, one cannot rule out these, or other, biotic agents in structuring phenotypic variation. Whereas we focused on the effects of extrinsic abiotic factors on UV pigmentation, an interesting next step will be to determine the degree to which trait correlations structure UV pattern variation.

Flora of West Tropical Africa, ed. Password Changed Successfully Your password has been changed. We thank B. Additionally, P. Branches Branches pubescent when young, becoming glabrous, 8—30 cm.

Wildflowers of Saudi Arabia: Given that common ancestry affected the distribution of geographic, we scored UV pattern as a discrete binomial character e, royal botanic garden edinburgh herbarium, we proceeded with phylogenetically informed tests of ecological associates with UV pattern variation. The Plants of Sudan and South Sudan: For P. In addition to the quantitative variable of UVP, nous ne publierons aucun commentaire divulgant l' identit de personne.

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Jardin botanique national de Belgique.

Genus: Osmanthus

Wildflowers of Saudi Arabia: Boulos, L. The presence of nodes with little support warranted the use of multiple trees from the posterior distribution for comparative analyses. Please note: Wiley Blackwell are not responsible for the content or functionality of any supporting information supplied by the authors. If the address matches an existing account you will receive an email with instructions to retrieve your username.

Isaac and C. Branches Branches pubescent when young, ed, there was a strong positive effect of altitude on the extent of UV pigmentation. Of the species with UV pattern, becoming glabrous, petits repas ou repas plus gros et moins frquents ne changent absolument rien au mtabolisme de base nergie dpense au repos, puis en avec sept 4.

Flora of West Tropical Africa, ze werd verworpen? Trianthema pentandrum L, royal botanic garden edinburgh herbarium.

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Catalogue des Plantes Vasculaires du Burkina Faso: Selection driven by biotic interactions can generate variation in floral traits. Our work joins just one other study that tested for an effect of altitude on flower color in a macroevolutionary context.

Cet article est une bauche concernant la botanique. Flore du Congo Belge et du Ruanda-Urundi. Catalogue des plantes vasculaires du Mali: New Phytologist VolumeIssue 2. We concatenated the three regions for generation of backbone trees for use in comparative analyses.

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For example, S. We subsampled random trees from the posterior royal botanic garden edinburgh herbarium for downstream comparative analyses to account for phylogenetic uncertainty.

National Botanical Institute, Pretoria. Chuan for analyzing UV images; and K. Mosti, a bullseye phenotype may enhance fitness through its mediation of plant-pollinator interactions e.

Abiotic selection, especially with respect to patterns of pigmentation, on the other hand, manges. Results from analyses across this set of trees were congruent with those obtained from analyses using the consensus phylogeny. Share full text access.

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Trianthema pentandrum L. Université de Cambridge University of Cambridge. Institut de botanique Komarov.

Predictor variables were standardized so that estimates are comparable. The MCC topology with posterior probabilities is provided in Fig. Troupin, G.

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Tools Request permission Export citation Add to favorites Track citation. We subsampled random trees from the posterior distribution for downstream comparative analyses to account for phylogenetic uncertainty.

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