The Jamison Jones Acting Studio was created by the classically trained Master of Theater Arts instructor, Jamison Jones.

The Studio is committed to nurturing and developing working professionals and aspiring actors alike to prepare and give them an edge in a highly competitive market place.

Current Offerings for 2017

  • Industry Showcase
  • The Masterclass - Mondays 7-11PM - Ongoing, by audition only. This is the core class for the actor's development.

The Studio has developed into a community of working professionals who have a great deal of admiration and respect for the craft itself and are looking to continue their development and growth in an environment of like-minded individuals.

In the classroom you will...

  • Develop a process that gives you clear-cut results in the room, on set and on the stage
  • Get in touch with your emotional center and make strong choices that get you noticed
  • Like all great actors, learn to trust your instincts and bring yourself to the role
  • You are your business; learn what to do to be successful
  • Get in touch with yourself as an actor, as an artist and as an individual

Tyler Christopher"If you’re searching for brutal truth in your work…look no further.

-Tyler Christopher “General Hospital”

Learn from an instructor who knows first hand the art and business of acting.

"What an honor and privilege it has been in my journey as an actor to work with Jamison Jones."
– Trai Byers “Selma” “Empire”


To Audit or Book a Class:

Studio Manager Paul Romero (719) 660-5279

J A M I S O N   J O N E S   A C T I N G    S T U D I O